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About Us

Our story

With a collective century of experience in clinical supplies management, our senior leadership team has firsthand experience facing the challenges of the industry head-on. We have examined every aspect of the business and built systems that are both innovative and flexible.

Our method – The Uniphar Clinical advantage

Uniphar Clinical has implemented constant checkpoints throughout the processes. Each movement is checked by our state of the art IT system. This technology detects and mitigates incidents before they have a chance to occur. In the current industry model, incidents are caught after the fact through QC/QA checks. While Uniphar Clinical has these same post-activity checks in place as safeguards, we experience a much lower incident rate due to our preventive checkpoints.

This approach means our clients and patients receive not only the quality medicines they demand, but also unmatched timelines they deserve.

Meet the team

Our purpose built team, is the aggregation of the most diversified industry experienced leaders available in the market today.
While technical expertise is very important, cultural fit is our primary driver in joining the team. The current team is a collaboration
between Uniphar Clinical and BMclinical.

Bob Albanese

President Uniphar Clinical

Bob joins Uniphar with an eclectic background, ranging from cold chain logistics, software design, heavy civil engineering and clinical supplies.

Shanelle Mehta

Director BMclinical

Shanelle started working in the pharmaceutical industry in 2010 and since has worked for several pharmaceutical companies.

Michael Bernstein

Vice President Operations/Procurement

Michael manages Uniphar Clinical’s Operations and Drug Procurement teams. Michael is a highly accomplished senior leader with over 35 years of extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Jennifer Lauinger

Vice-President Business Administration

Jennifer joins Uniphar as a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the world of Clinical Supplies.

Oliver O’Neill

Senior Business Development Manager

Oliver is working from Ireland, Belfast area and part of the Business Development team. He has over 20 years of experience in the Clinical Supplies industry.

Graeme Birrell

Business Development Manager

Working from Scotland, Graeme Birrell is part of the Business Development team and has over 10 years experience in the industry.

Angela Humrich

US Head of Quality

As the US Head of Quality with over 20 years of experience in clinical trial supplies,  Angela’s journey has been defined by a steadfast commitment to excellence and enhancing patient outcomes.

Stephen Purdy

Clinical Project Designer

Stephen Purdy is a cornerstone of our clinical supplies team, bringing a multifaceted 25-year tenure in healthcare and project management to the forefront.

Sarah Halmrast

Project Designer

Sarah is a seasoned Project Designer in the Clinical Supplies area. She has a lot of experience in designing for complex projects.

Roksana Milcarek

Quality Manager & Responsible Person

Having spent 6 years in Operation Management and over 2 years in Quality, I’ve had the privilege of optimising operation for efficiency and performance.

James Frohreich

Business Development

Since 2016, James has immersed himself in the intricate world of clinical trial supply management, navigating various roles across operations, contracts, and business development.

Thuy Tran

Team Lead Project Management

Thuy started working within the clinical trial supply business in 2018. She started as an Inside Sales Representative. From there she grew to become a Project Manager.

Yi Huang

Project Manager

Yi Grew up in China and is currently living in Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands.

Gina Toppers

Project Manager

Gina started working in the clinical trial supply business back in 2017. She started as a Sales & Purchase professional and later became part of the Inside Sales Team.

Francesco Pellegrino

Project Manager

Francesco, born and raised in Italy, brings a wealth of professional experience to the Project Manager role.

Iryna De Weerd

Supply Chain Planner

Iryna is working at our HQ in The Netherlands as Supply Chain Planner.

Jemuël Scholten

Supply Chain Planner

Before working as a Supply Chain Planner Jemuël worked as a Pharmaceutical Logistics Specialist.

Iman Hoeseni

Team Lead Warehouse

Iman has worked in the clinical trial supply business since since 2017.

Christos Michalopoulos

Marketing and Operations Associate

Christos joined the Uniphar Clinical team in July 2023, bringing with him a fresh perspective and a robust academic foundation from Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick.

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