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Vision & Values

Our vision

At Uniphar Clinical, we’re innovators you can trust.

Our vision is to improve patient access to pharmaceutical products and life-saving treatments by streamlining the relationship between manufacturers and healthcare stakeholders. We understand that our work has an impact on the environment, the communities in which we operate, and on all of our involved parties. We believe in carrying out our work in a socially responsible way.

Uniphar’s values and culture

We are committed to creating a supportive, respectful, inclusive, and equal opportunities working environment where employees can reach their full potential. We understand that people are our most important asset and we are committed to making Uniphar Clinical a fulfilling and inclusive place to work.

At Uniphar Clinical, our people bring a diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and cultures. This variety introduces fresh perspectives and ideas to the group on an everyday basis. We have made progress in gender balance: many key senior management positions, as well as one third of our board positions, are now held by women. We continue to work to ensure that Uniphar Clinical is an employer that values diversity and inclusion and works to overcome any existing barriers within the organization.

Corporate Social Responsibilty
As Uniphar Clinical has matured and grown as an organization, the strategic importance of being conscious not only of our markets and our customers, but of our environment and communities has become more apparent. We are committed to reducing our waste and minimizing our energy consumption even as we maximize our impact in the lives of patients.
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