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Controlled Drug Services

Strict Compliance, Uncompromised Quality, and Excellence

Why Choose Uniphar Clinical For Your

Controlled Drug Needs?

Given the rigorous regulations around handling controlled drugs, it’s crucial to plan carefully—Controlled drugs make clinical supply chains complex—and storing these materials at the right temperature is crucial for maintaining their efficacy and integrity. Uniphar Clinical holds multiple DEA registrations, and our staff offers the highest level of quality control and safety while handling your supplies. We offer a full range of temperature-controlled storage solutions and controlled drug services designed to meet the most stringent regulatory and quality requirements, all with a focus on patient safety. We ensure the integrity and safety of your study drugs from sourcing to destruction.

Scheduled Drugs

  • Schedule II
  • Schedule III
  • Schedule IV
  • Schedule V
  • CRT Storage Conditions
  • Refrigerated Storage Conditions

The Uniphar Clinical Advantage Secure Storage Management of Destruction

  • Secure Storage: Specialized storage facilities with enhanced security measures safeguard your controlled substances.
  • Global Distribution: We provide secure and controlled drug handling over the life of your clinical trial.
  • Regulatory Adherence: Our comprehensive services comply with all relevant federal and international regulations and guidelines.
  • Expert Guidance: Our team of specialists provides expert guidance on the complex regulations surrounding controlled substances, helping you navigate compliance challenges.
  • Error Handling: With our meticulous attention to detail, you can rest assured that there will be no compromise on the quality and security of controlled drugs.
  • Management of Destruction: We offer compliant destruction of used, unused, or expired controlled substances, complete with destruction documentation for your records.

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When it comes to handling controlled drugs, compromise is not an option. Reach out to Uniphar Clinical today to learn how our controlled drug services and temperature-controlled storage solutions can contribute to the integrity and success of your clinical trials.

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