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Packaging and Labeling

Ensuring Safety, Quality, and Compliance From Start to Finish

Our Clinical Packaging and Labeling Services

The right packaging and labeling not only preserves the integrity of clinical trial materials but also ensures safe and compliant distribution. Uniphar Clinical offers specialized services in Primary and Secondary Clinical Packaging and Labeling that meet the highest standards. We set the stage for successful clinical trials.

  • Primary and Secondary Packaging 
  • Bottling
  • Blistering
  • Blinding and Randomization
  • Carding/Walleting
  • Labeling and Kitting
  • Label Design + Production
  • Variable Text
  • Language Translation
  • Single and Multi-Panel
  • Booklet Labels
  • Tear-Off/Peel-Off Labels
  • Wrap-Around Labels
  • Specialty Labels (Colored, Blinding, Scratch-Off, etc.)
  • Drug Development Accelerator

Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality checks at every stage ensure the safety and integrity of your clinical trial materials.

Global Labeling

Our multilingual labeling services adhere to local and international requirements.

The Uniphar Clinical Advantage

Streamlined Workflow

Our integrated approach to packaging and labeling ensures a seamless, error-free process, saving you time and resources.

Compliance Mastery

Our expertise in regulatory requirements guarantees that your packaging and labeling are always cGMP compliant (Current Good Manufacturing Practice), minimizing risks and delays.


Whether your trial is local or global, our packaging and labeling services scale to meet your needs, ensuring efficiency at every level.

Our Drug Development Accelerator Program

Clinical trials are complex, but what if you could break them down into modular components for easier management? Welcome to the Drug Development Accelerator at Uniphar Clinical, where modular project setup, continuous packaging and labeling queues, and rapid shipping save you time, money, and valuable drug product.

Modular Project Setup
Any changes made only affect specific parts of the project, eliminating the need to start over. This allows us to accelerate any necessary adjustments.

Continuous Packaging and Labeling Queue
Say goodbye to waiting for production schedules to open. Our continuous Packaging and Labeling queue keeps your project moving on time.

Accelerated Packaging and Labeling
Experience the efficiency of our fourth-day shipping, activated only when we receive a distribution request.

Our Drug Development Accelerator Program eliminates many of the hurdles in comparator sourcing: namely delays and waste. We provide rapid, compliant, and cost-effective labeling solutions tailored for comparator sourcing needs.

QP Service

Our team of highly experienced Qualified Persons (QPs) ensure your investigational products fully comply with EU standards before release for clinical trials. QPs play an important role and are responsible for verifying that all drug product in your trial have been both manufactured, imported, and distributed legally.

As a part of the Uniphar Group, we are one of the few partners with QPs based in both the UK and the EU, which ensures that all post-Brexit trials are in compliance with EU GMP requirements. With in-house experts, our comprehensive QP services support smooth operations across your European-based clinical development programs.

Industry Experience
Uniphar QPs have 10+ years experience releasing everything from small molecules, biologics, ATMPs, and placebos for trials.

Clinical Supplies Design
We certify every IMP batch follows cGMP, thoroughly reviewing mandatory trial applications, protocols, and FDA guidelines.

Holistic Management
Our QPs conduct comprehensive audits and oversee the entire supply chain.

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